Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Twilight Custom Converse

The Twilight Saga is the biggest deal since Lord of the Rings, and I have to admit, I am a Twifan!
How did Punk Your Chucks get involved with this phenomenon?

Well, I first heard about Twilight from my oldest daughter. I would call her and she would not have time to talk because she was reading this unbelievable book called Twilight. She read every book (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse first), one after another, sometimes staying up all night. Then she raced to Barnes & Noble when Breaking Dawn came out.

I had no interest at first. That was until we received a request to paint custom sneakers for the producers of the movies, Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey.

MAG was hired to paint two pairs of Twilight Converse for Marty and Wyck so they could wear them to the New Moon premiere. It was then that I started to think that we should probably buy the movie. I thought it would be embarrassing if we have this deal and yet don't know anything about the stories or movie.

So we went out and bought the Twilight dvd movie, as well as all four Twilight Saga books.
First we watched the movie together. Then we watched it a second time, then a third...
Both MAG and I fell in love with the movie. I would never have imagined that MAG would love such a story, but he does. He has since watched it more than I have!
About a week or so after first seeing the movie I started to read the books. Needless to say I couldn't put them down. I read all four books (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn) within a few days.
After Mary Bowen and Wyck Godfrey became clients, many others followed.
We have since painted custom Converse sneakers for Peter Facinelli (who plays Dr. Carlisle Cullen), Jackson Rathbone (he plays Jasper Hale), as well as Jackson's bandmates from his group 100 Monkeys.

We have also painted Twilight Converse for:

And we are currently painting chucks for:

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