Friday, August 20, 2010

MAG gets personal with Tokyo Love-In!

Last month we had the AWESOME privilege of meeting Michael Chin (Tokyo Love-In) and Pete Longworth. They are from Australia and met MAG at the recent New York Film Festival in NYC.

Mike and Pete are two of the most talented photographers I ever met. They came over to our apartment and took over 2,000 photos, as well as video footage of MAG and his studio! Check out one of the videos below!

Keep an eye on these guys. Their photos are so beautiful. I don't know how they do it. Mike is also a talented composer (he composes the music on his videos and I have to confess I play it over and over just to hear that beat!).

Be sure to check out their websites to see more of their work (Mike's site and Pete's site). You will be impressed!

Oh, and don't let me forget about Kerry Payne. Another gifted photographer. We hung out with her, Mike and Pete on her rooftop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Now those who know me know I'm deathly afraid of heights. But I have to tell you, it was a gorgeous view! And Kerry was so warm and friendly. You feel like you know her instantly.

MAG Paints Sneakers for Noah Tepperberg

MAG just finished a pair of really cool custom sneakers for Noah Tepperberg.

Noah Tepperberg is the co-founder of the Strategic Group and the Strategic Hospitality Group. He is also co-owner and operator of Avenue and Marquee in New York City, LAVO in Las Vegas, and part owner of Tao Las Vegas.

Noah's assistant Ashlee ordered this pair as a birthday present for him. He loved them.

MAG went downtown to meet Noah today and was very impressed!

MAG with Noah Tepperberg
MAG with Ashlee

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

MAG Paints Sneakers for Toby Rand of Juke Kartel

Remember that show called Rockstar Supernova? It was Tommy Lee, Gilby Clarke (Guns & Roses) and Jason Newsted (Metallica).

Well if you did watch the show you no doubt remember Toby Rand. He didn't win, but left a lasting impression on everyone.

Toby has a new band called Juke Kartel and MAG was so excited to paint a custom pair of sneakers for him.

Check out the photos...MAG personally handed the sneakers to Toby in California last month. And MAG says Toby is one of the best performers he's ever seen on stage. So if you ever have a chance to see them, be sure to check them out. Right now they are on tour with none other than Slash!

MAG Paints Sneakers for Living Dead Lights

It's been a crazy year! There are lots of things to catch up on. So this will be the first post of many...
First, MAG painted sneakers for an awesome band called Living Dead Lights.
August 3, 2010 Living Dead Lights released their self-titled CD. It's the Hot Topic edition and will be available in Hot Topic (Southern California) and
Punk Your Chucks is proud to be part of their "DEAD EDITION" giveaway for all fans who purchase their CD. All you have to do is email a copy of your receipt for buying their CD to: Make sure you include your name, address, email and telephone number.