Friday, January 27, 2012

Collection of Concert Stories

With life carrying on as it does there has not been much of an opportunity to update. So this will be a short compilation of stories as the title suggests to fill in all I’ve missed. There has been a lot going on and I have been slacking. Much excitement to come, or so I have been told, but that’s all I get to say on that. Spoilers.

First in line is a pair commissioned for the lead singer of Alien Ant Farm, Dryden Mitchell. MAG handed Mitchell the pair at their show at the Gramercy Theater in New York City. The famous NYC theater that has been around since 1937 as a theater hall, then to movies, a revival for the classics of Hollywood, and even temporarily as an Off-Broadway play house. Now it’s the stage for live concert venues and shows. Alien Ant Farm put on a great show and was just as great to meet in person.

Around October, MAG was contacted by a good friend, Debbie Martin. Martin, being a former customer turned friend, is a HUGE rock and roll enthusiast and is good friends or acquainted with names like Johnny Winter, Bob Dylan, and Dave Mustaine of Megadeth. And, no less, the Ramones. Yeah. That’s what I thought, too. I may not have been that generation, but I don’t know anyone who can’t name at least three of Ramones' songs. I was the kid in high school with a Ramones t-shirt and head phones in their ears. So, it was pretty exciting when I heard that Punk Your Chucks was going to be painting a pair for Marky Ramone and his new band, Blitzkrieg. Martin arranged the meeting and for MAG to paint a pair of Pro Keds for the legend. He also got to see the band at the Gramercy Theater, and I’m sure they were “forming in a straight line” for that one. Apologies, had to put at least one reference in there. Seriously, “the kids were losing their minds” about it. Okay. Now I’m done.

Finally, is an amazing opportunity found by none other than MAG’s close friend and sensei of all things that rock and roll, Chad Szeliga. Once again we return to the Gramercy Theater for a show with Scott Ian, formerly of Anthrax, and now guitarist for The Damned Things. The show included Hourcast, with Chad filling in as drummer and played an excellent show. Fair to Midland also opened and I was told they were really impressive, just amazing. MAG was

given the opportunity to meet with a lot of them, like Darroh Sudderth, lead singer for Fair to Midland. With a bit of persistence, they were also able to get a quick “hey” to Scott Ian. MAG brought a pair of Horror chucks for Chad and also did a pair for lead singer of Hourcast, Patrick McBride. I was told it was an unbelievable performance and that I really should have been there. At the show, a few Breaking Benjamin fans showed up and were rewarded by almost an hour of talking and signing from Chad. From all the stories I hear, I wish every celebrity could be half as obliging and humble.

If that wasn’t enough star gazing for one night, outside the theater Aaron Neville of the Neville Brothers happened to be strolling by. MAG was able to say “hi” and get a few pictures. Only in New York, am I right? I’m lucky if people even know what state my city is in.

So, I’m all caught up…or not even close, but that’s okay. There are a couple more stories I still need to update and then I’ll be posting them as well. Exciting stuff and I can’t wait to share. Look forward to more soon. Seriously, I’m actually going to update this time.