Monday, October 19, 2009

Our Celebrity Clientele - Tommy Lee

Out of all the celebrities we have painted for, Tommy Lee is by far the most interesting story!

We received an email from "Tommy Lee". Well, I did not believe it at all. I thought it had to be a joke and I made it clear how I felt.

Despite my doubts MAG emailed this "Tommy Lee" back. Of course, he did ask if someone was pulling his leg.

A day or so later another email..."Yo dude, trust me, it's me."

Well, now we're intrigued. So MAG writes him back. He emails back saying he would love a pair of our sneakers with his tattoos on them.

At the time he was in the group Supernova (Rock Band Supernova TV show). They were getting ready to go on tour (we already had tickets). MAG asked him for backstage passes and got this response...

"Hell yeah dude!
Just email me a few days before
the show and I'll hook ya'll up!!!
I'm a size 10 1/2 - 11"
"I do my own stunts,
Tommy Lee"

This was too good to be true. There's no way Tommy Lee was emailing my husband back and forth! But MAG was convinced and proceeded to paint the most awesome chucks for him.

Then the day of the concert (in Buffalo, NY) was here. MAG and I, chucks in tow, went to the venue and checked the front desk for backstage passes. No passes were left for us...

Oh no I thought. I see MAG standing there and I just knew it was a cruel joke. But MAG refused to believe it. He asked them to please contact Tommy's assistant and they said they would.

About one hour later an envelope is left for us at the front desk. Inside are two backstage VIP passes, and two more tickets for the concert! I can assure you all, I got an "I told you so" that night.

We watched the concert and had a blast (we were big fans of Supernova at the time).

After the concert we proceeded to go to where everyone was waiting for the meet and greets. People paid over $750.00 each just to meet them!

We're sitting there and down comes Tony Sullivan, Tommy's personal assistant. Well, he grabs us and personally takes us upstairs.

We get upstairs and walk down this hallway. First we meet Lukas Rossi (winner of the Rock Star Supernova television reality show). We're talking to him and then out comes Tommy Lee!

MAG's first reaction was ****** (you can imagine what he said). Tommy laughed and hugged him.

MAG handed Tommy his sneakers and he freaked out. He started calling everyone over to see them. Then Lukas said he wanted a pair too (we painted for Lukas too which I'll talk about in another post).

MAG and Lukas Rossi

We hung out with Tommy for a while, took photos, laughed, had a blast. And I have to tell you, he was a gentlemen to me. I was very impressed with him. You read about him in the tabloids and his bad behavior, but truly he was a sweetheart in person. He was real and didn't make you feel like he was above you because of his celebrity.

MAG, Lukas Rossi, Tommy Lee, Dilana
and me (the odd one out)

Before we left, MAG, Tommy Lee and Lukas made plans to meet up again at the next show in Toronto, which was about 2 days after.

MAG and his friend Steve went to the Toronto show and this is a very funny story...

Before the show MAG and Steve were standing in front of the stage (left), in front of everyone who paid for front row seats (that's where Tony Sullivan told them to go). The head of security came over and asked to see their tickets. MAG said, "I don't have any, but I'm a friend of Tommy Lee."

At that point the guard called over about four more security guards (between MAG and his friend they must have looked threatening). Then he said, "I've heard it all before."

By this time, the lights were still on and everyone in the first three or four rows were staring at them like they were insane. MAG said, "Well, do you want me to call Tommy?" and he goes, "you better do something."

So MAG called and Tony said, "I'll be down in a second."

Two minutes later Tony shows up, slaps a VIP pass on MAG and his friend, and says, "See you after the show."

Right then, the first four rows broke out into applause. The security guard then says, "Well, that's a first." and MAG tells him, "I told you I was telling you the truth."

Massey Hall in Toronto
Jan. 2007
MAG hanging out with "ax king" Gilby Clarke, originally from
Guns & Roses (Illusion era)!

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